Canadian company to ‘gently break ground’ here in Ireland

“Aerators go to the heart of grass productivity problems by relieving compaction.”

That’s the message from Farmec Ireland, as it espouses the claimed virtues of ‘Aerway’ aerators.

Farmec says that three systems work together to make up a soil’s productivity – physical, biological and chemical. It reasons that the physical condition of soil is the key to efficient biological and chemical activity which, in turn, determines the capacity of the soil to produce plant life.

Farmec goes on to say that compaction is a major contributor to soil problems.

Tractors, forage harvesters, pick-up wagons, trailers and manure spreaders have all increased in size; these have the potential to “cause significant soil compaction and negatively affect the soil’s ability to maintain plant productivity”.

It says that correcting compaction makes a “dramatic improvement in soil tilt”.

Manufactured in Canada, AerWay aerators – imported by Farmec Ireland – use a patented tine – a so-called ‘Shattertine’ – to “gently lift and fracture compacted soils – to increase air and water movement”.

Basic soil elements

This in turn, says the company, allows the basic soil elements – minerals, air, water and organic matter – to interact to increase crop yields and stocking rates, without resorting to extra fertiliser.

AerWay aerators are available as linkage-mounted and trailed machines.

At the business end of the machines is a set of four-bladed star wheels – positioned at intervals along the axle. The triangular blades – each 20cm long – are the best part of 2cm thick in the shank, before they taper out to the edges.

The AerWay’s blades are also angled, so that when they are in the ground they open up the surface. The intention is to enable moisture and air to pass – with “minimum surface disturbance”.

‘Quick-Adjust’ axles enable adjustment – to allow control of the type of treatment (i.e simple aeration, over-seeding, renovation or full-on tillage operations).