Enniscorthy Mart held its weekly calf sale on Wednesday (June 1) and had over 300 lots on offer on the day.

The tail end of the spring calf trade has seen an improvement in demand and prices being paid for calves at marts.

Enniscorthy Mart

Speaking to Agriland after the sale, Enniscorthy Mart manager Kevin Murphy said: “It was a very strong trade again this week as all the exporters are very eager for all breeds of quality calves.”

“The quality on offer was very mixed, with some great reared and suck calves on offer, as well as some poorer-quality calves.

“The squarer calves continue to bring a premium as dealers and farmers all want a good one.”

The Friesians bull calves, according to Kevin, were scarce on the day but were in high demand.

Suck Friesian bull calves sold from €80 up to €150, while the reared Friesians made from €180 up to a top price of €360.

Some sample Friesian prices:

  • A reared Friesian bull sold for €360;
  • A reared Friesian bull sold for €290;
  • Six-week-old Friesian bull sold for €225;
  • Two three-week-old Friesian bulls sold for €110 each.
This Friesian bull calf sold for €255

The continental calves ranged from €160 for plain, soft calves, up to a top price of €500 for a reared Aubrac-cross bull calf.

The suck calves sold from €160 to €405, while good reared-calves sold from €370 to €500.

Some sample Continental prices:

  • A reared Aubrac bull made €500;
  • Four-week-old Limousin heifer made €395;
  • Two five-week-old Belgian Blue bulls made €375 each;
  • Three-week-old Belgian Blue heifer made €330;
  • Three four-week-old Belgian Blue heifers made €320 each;
  • Three three-week-old Belgian Blue bulls made €290 each.

According to Kevin the Angus and Hereford calves made up the largest portion of the sale, and sold anywhere from €120 for light calves up to €420 a reared Hereford bull.

The lighter Angus and Hereford calves were in huge demand from exporters, making up to €255 for four soft-Angus bulls.

Some sample Hereford and Angus prices:

  • A reared Hereford bull sold for €420;
  • Three-week-old Hereford heifer sold for €315;
  • Four three-week-old Angus bulls sold for €255 each;
  • Three three-week-old Angus bulls sold for €190 each;
  • Four three-week-old Angus heifers sold for €160 each.

There was also a small entry of Montbeliarde and Montbeliarde-cross heifers on offer and they sold from €350 up to €450 for reared calves.

Some sample prices of the Montbeliarde and Montbeliarde-cross heifers:

  • Three reared Montbeliarde-cross heifers made €450;
  • Four six-week-old Montbeliarde-cross heifers made €410 each;
  • Two reared Montbeliarde heifers made €400;
  • Six-week-old Montbeliarde-cross heifers made €350.
These three, reared Montbeliarde-cross heifers made €450

“Overall, a big sale for the time of the year and a great trade as exporters compete to fill orders,” said Kevin.