Marts have reported bigger numbers on offer recently week. With the recent spell of dry weather bringing both buyers and sellers to the sales throughout the country.


Castlerea reported 750 cattle on offer at its most recent sale. It says prices improved especially for smaller and younger stock. It commented this has been helped by the recent improvement in weather conditions with extra customers in attendance resulting in a good clearance.

Sample prices included:

Bullocks: Lim 495kgs €1245, Ch 470kgs €1130, Ch 535kgs €1330, BB 510kgs €1290, Lim 590kgs €1445, Ch 610kgs €1390, Lim 720kgs €1600.

Heifers: Ch 415kgs €1125, Lim 385kgs €1075, Lim 470kgs €1185, Six 440kgs €1130, BBx 510kgs €1395, Lim 530kgs €1270.

Dry Cows: BBx 770kgs €1365, Lim 765kgs €1330, Limx 495kgs €975, Lim 700kgs €1015, AA 760kgs €1150,

Cows with calves at foot made from €780 to €1500 per head

Springer cows made from €900 to €1570 per head.

Calves: HR heifer €180, BB bull €395, Fr bull €90, AA hfr €322, Ch bull €545, Ch bull €532.

Weanling Heifers: Chx 290kgs €915, Lim 260kgs €760, Lim 395kgs €1125, Ch 325kgs €995, AA 315kgs €775.

Weanling Bulls: Ch 250kgs €775, Ch 290kgs €800, Sim 285kgs €750, BB 415kgs €1340, Lim 330kgs €1005.


Ballinakill in south Laois reported bigger numbers on offer at its most recent sale. It says there was very good trade on the day with quality store bullocks improving by €20 to €40 per head on the previous week.

Ballinakill also reported a bigger attendance of buyers in both the bullock and heifer rings. It noted good quality store heifers were dearer by €10 to €20 per head.

Prices on the day per kg:

Heavy bullocks €1.85 to €2.35

Forward Stores €1.75 to €2.50

Light Stores €1.80 to €2.65

Beef Heifers €1.90 to €2.30

Store Heifers €1.70 to €2.25

Weanling Bulls €1.80 to €2.25

Weanling Hfrs €1.70 to €2.10

Dry Cows €1.25 to €1.90

Raphoe also reported a good turnout for its most recent sale. On the day top class bulls over 600 kgs made €300 to €755 over the weight. Beef bullocks made €565 to €750 over the weight. Store bullocks got between €400 to €815.

Raphoe reported beef heifers were making €430 to €710 over the weight, with stores being sold at €350 to €740 over the weight. Dry cows made €600 to €1460 each.


Ballymote in Sligo reported a strong trade strong in all sections with notable increase of customers for forward store bullocks. In terms of bullocks lots below 400kg were making from €300 to €550 over. Sample prices included CHX 380kg made €930, LMX 390kg made €890

Lots 400 to 500kg making from 430 to 710 over, AA 450kg made €1160, LMX 450kg made €1150, LMX 420kg made €1000. With heavier lots making up to €700 over the weight, AAX 525kg made €1225, AAX 515kg made €1120.

On the heifers side lots less than 400kg lade from €300 to €500 over the weight on the day. Sample prices included CHX 390kg made €890, CHX 390kg made €845. Lots from 400 to 500kg were selling from €350 to €625 over the weight. Sample prices: LMX 445 made €1070, LMX 435kg made €935. Heavier lots made up to 615 over the weight. Sample prices included CHX 585kg made €1200, LMX 530kg made €1120.

Suckler cows made from €1000 to €1440 per unit.

On the dry cow side, stores made from 1 kg to €250 over the weight, heavier lots making from €300 to €675 over the weight. eg. LMX 625kg @ 1300, LMX 865kg 1400, CHX 825kg 1315.

Carnew mart in Wicklow reported 650 Cattle and 180 Calves on offer at its most recent sale. It said there was very strong trade on the day, with prices up by €30 to €40 per head.

Sample prices included:

Beef/Factory Blks €650 – €910 over

Store Blks over 450kgs €500 – €820 over

Store Blks under 450kgs €150 – €650 over

Weanling Bulls €380 – €770 over

Beef Hfrs €550 – €870 over

Store Hfrs €320 – €780 over

Dry Cows €150 – €720 over

FR Bulls €30 – €180
Cont Bulls €220 – €450
Cont Hfrs €160 – €400

Image: Store cattle penned in mart. Photo O’Gorman Photography.