Don your stetson and polish your cowboy boots for the Farmers’ Bash is coming to town, later this year.

What is promised to be the biggest event of 2017 for country music and jiving fans was recently announced.

The Farmers’ Bash will take place at the SSE Arena, Belfast, on October 6.

Country music stars Derek Ryan, Lisa McHugh and Robert Mizzell, powered by The Grassmen, who are all topping the bill of the Farmers’ Bash, staged a hoedown at the launch, giving a flavour of what is to come.

Also in attendance was Ruairi McSorley, aka Frostbit Boy, and The King of Country himself, Big T from Downtown Country, who along with Downtown Radio, will be the broadcast media partner for this ‘first-of-its kind’ event.

Special guests will be Marty Mone ‘Hit The Diff’, as well as country favourites Hugo Duncan and Country Harmony.

Event spokesman Darren Gardiner said: “The Farmers’ Bash promises to be the ultimate country music event staged in Northern Ireland.

It will be one massive stage; one massive dance floor; and one massive party.

“Country music has soared in popularity in recent years, and there is a huge fan base for the music. Fans want to come together to enjoy themselves, dancing to the music they love.

“The energy and excitement around this event will be something special,” said Gardiner.

“We have already had a great response to the news that we are staging this family-friendly event in Belfast, and we are sure that tickets are going to sell out fast.”

Country music and farming have always been linked, as highlighted in the RTE series ‘Stetsons and Stilettos’, so the event is expected to attract farmers from all over the country.

Tickets for the Farmers’ Bash, which is being presented by LSFX Productions, are priced at £28 and £30. They are available from: and: