Finished cattle are meeting a steady trade despite the increased numbers coming forward, according to factory procurement managers.

The most recent figures from the Department of Agriculture’s beef kill data shows that last week’s beef kill stood at 19,092 head.

This is up by 2,964 on the previous week, as the market adjusts to a reduced kill over the Christmas period.

Base quotes for steers remain unchanged in the majority of factories. Procurement managers are offering 390c/kg for these lots.

There has also been little movement in the heifer market with most beef plants offering a base price of 400-405c/kg for in-spec heifers on the grid.

The cull cow market continues to remain difficult and as a result the better quality R grade cows are making 330c/kg.

Farmers with poorer quality O and P grade dairy types can expect to be offered 300-310c/kg and 290-300c/kg respectively for these lots.

Weekly Beef Kill Differences

The weekly beef kill for the week commencing December 28, 2015, sits at 19,092 head. This is up 16% on the previous week, figures from the Department of Agriculture show.

The weekly steer kill is up 25% compared to the previous week. As of December 28, 6,855 head went to the factories.

Looking at the weekly heifer kill, it is up 13% (704) on the previous week as the previous weeks kill stood at 5,113, these figures show.

Young bull throughput to factories last week was up 17% on the previous week. Some 3,997 head went to beef export plants last week.

The weekly bull throughput stood at 136 head last week, down 30% on the previous week while the cow kill stood at 2,541 head, back 5% on the previous week.

weekly beef kill 11012016