Beef Plan Movement officially registers as a company

The recently-formed Beef Plan Movement is officially registered as a company, it has been confirmed.

The entity – which now claims to have 15,000 members – is registered under the name Beef Plan Movement CLG (company limited by guarantee).

A company limited by guarantee does not have share capital; as such members are not required to buy any shares in the company.

Many charitable and professional bodies find this form of company to be suitable as they wish to secure the benefits of a separate legal entity and limited liability, but do not require to raise funds from shareholders.

The initial directors are Eamon Corley (spokesman) and Hugh Doyle (vice-chairman).

However, these roles may be expanded in the early stages of rolling out the movement’s plan aimed at improving beef price returns inside the farm gate.

Under its constitution, the entity’s main objective is to “protect and advance the interests of the Irish cattle and beef farming community”.

It is understood that it cost €395 to physically set up the company, with funding sourced from the €10 contribution payments offered by the movement’s new members.


As a result of the new title, the movement will now be in a position to represent farmers opposite the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Meat Industry Ireland and other industry stakeholders.

The body is also now aiming to join the TB Stakeholder Forum, the BVD Implementation Group and the Beef Roundtable.

It is also hoped that the stronger governance footing will assist in attracting more membership to the lobby group as it aims to reach its target of 40,000 members.