It’s all about tractors in the latest True North programme for BBC One Northern Ireland as this weekend viewers meet the people who are truly ‘Tractor Mad’.

In Co. Fermanagh, Shauna (pictured below) is planning her upcoming wedding to Martin and it wouldn’t be complete without involving their beloved tractors.

The pair enjoy nothing more than getting out onto the land for date night on their respective tractors.

As they work alongside each other in the machines it’s a chance to spend some quality time together doing what they love.

As the nuptials near, Shauna is desperate to pull off a big surprise for her groom and so the hunt is on for his favourite type of tractor to get him to the church on time.

The programme features another tractor-mad pair – Jimmy Doherty and Ciaran O’Rourke (pictured below).

These tractor enthusiasts have already gained a strong following on online television channels Farm Flix and Grassmen.

They are passionate about their farm machinery. Also featured in the programme is well-known agricultural contractor John Dan O’Hare who has many high-end machines to his name.

The programme also visits the two main tractor events of the year – the annual tractor pulling competition in Mullahead, Co. Armagh and the Great Grass Event in Co. Meath which sees more than a hundred foragers as well 113 tractors attempt to break the world record of picking up 100ac of grass in 10 minutes.

True North: Tractor Mad is to be broadcast on Monday, March 19, on BBC One Northern Ireland at 10:40pm.