Chairman of Aurivo Pat Duffy has informed the Aurivo Board of Directors of his intention not to put his name forward for re-election as chairman of the co-operative society.

The election to appoint a chair and vice chair of Aurivo is scheduled to take place next Tuesday, November 17.

Pat has been a member of the Aurivo board since 2002 and was first elected chairman of the co-op in 2016.

Commenting, Duffy said:

Having served as chairman of Aurivo for over four years, I have decided to take the opportunity to step back from what has been a demanding but very rewarding role.

“It has been such a privilege to serve both as director and chair of Aurivo for the past 18 years. I have enjoyed tremendously my stewardship of the co-op and am delighted as I depart as chair to see Aurivo and its leadership team in such a strong position.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow directors for their support over the years, and indeed the management team of Aurivo, very capably led by Donal Tierney.”

Chief executive of Aurivo, Donal Tierney said: “Pat has been a strong and committed chairman of Aurivo.

He has worked tirelessly to oversee exceptional growth for the business and his legacy sees a stronger more sustainable Aurivo delivering for all our stakeholders.

“On behalf of the business I thank Pat for his enormous contribution to Aurivo and wish him the very best for the future,” Tierney concuded.