Armed police called to UK farm to deal with ‘suspected’ tiger

Armed police in the UK were called out to a farm at the weekend, over fears that an escaped tiger had entered a farmer’s cattle shed.

The incident reportedly took place in the north-east of Scotland.

It is understood that police were called to the farm after the farmer had spotted the suspected large cat in a shed when he was checking on his cows.

Numerous units – including Armed Response Vehicles and a dog handler – were believed to have been deployed to the incident.

Following an anxious wait to assess the situation, it was discovered that the tiger was in fact just a stuffed toy.

farm, police, tiger
Image source: UK Cop Humour Facebook

It is not thought that the call was intentionally made to waste police time.

‘A drain on police resources’

Meanwhile, police in the north-west of England have urged farmers to check the security surroundings of fences, hedges and gateways where livestock are being kept.

They claim that there has been an increase in calls to the police regarding animals wandering around on public roads, which endangers other road users.

Police, Sheep, Road
Image source: Congleton Facebook

“This is becoming a drain on police resources. We would also like to remind those who continually allow their livestock to escape onto the highway that they can be prosecuted for this offence,” a post on social media added.