Are you paying over the odds for ‘green’ diesel

Diesel prices have remained broadly unchanged over the last three months, according to the IFA’s quarterly fuel price survey.

The average price of agricultural diesel in Ireland is currently sitting at 60.50c/L.

However, the survey has uncovered considerable variation in agricultural or ‘green’ diesel prices throughout the country.

If you’re a farmer in Longford, Wexford, Wicklow, Limerick, Waterford and Leitrim then you continue to pay above the national average price for agricultural diesel.

John Coughlan, the IFA Inputs Project Team Chairman encouraged farmers shop around before buying fuel.

“The recurring trend that fuel suppliers in counties such as Longford, Sligo, Waterford and Leitrim are charging farmers significantly more for fuel than in many other parts of the country is something farmers must challenge when buying fuel.

 Farmers who are members of purchasing groups or pay on the day are also reporting discounts of over 10% on the cost of fuel.

“This is something farmers should consider when buying fuel. It is important to shop around and negotiate the most competitive fuel prices possible,” he said.


According to the survey, farmers in Leinster are paying more than the national average price for agricultural diesel.

In Leinster, Longford has the highest average ‘green’ diesel price of 64.65c/L, while farmers in Kilkenny, Laois and Westmeath are paying 61c/L for agricultural diesel.

Leinster diesel prices
Source: IFA


However, farmers in Munster are paying considerably less for ‘green’ diesel, with the average cost for the province sitting at 59.93c/L. This is 0.57c/L cheaper than the national average.

Farmers in Limerick pay the highest price for ‘green’ diesel (63c/L), while farmers in the neighbouring county of Clare only pay 58c/L.

Munster diesel prices
Source: IFA


Looking to Connacht, the average price of agricultural diesel in the west is 0.33c/L above the national average.

The survey shows that farmers in Mayo pay the lowest price for agricultural diesel at 57c/L, while farmers in Leitrim are charged a staggering 74.9c/L, 14.4c/L above the national average price.

source: IFA
source: IFA


Finally, looking to the Ulster counties in the Republic of Ireland, prices are below the national average at 57.45c/L.

All three counties are below the national average with the cheapest county to buy agricultural diesel in being Donegal and the most expensive being Monaghan.

Source: IFA
Source: IFA