The possible aftermath of the accidental death of a young boy on a farm is what is depicted in Northern Ireland’s new Farm Safety Partnership advert for farm safety.

The advert aims to reinforce the message that such accidents can be avoided by putting in place simple safety measures. Promoting safety around farm vehicle visibility is the key message of the new campaign by the Farm Safety Partnership.

The advert is part of the ‘Stop and Think SAFE’ campaign which aims to tell farmers to stop and think before doing any work on the farm, ‘SAFE’ stands for Slurry, Animals, Falls (from height) and Equipment, it says.

The North’s Health and Safety Minister Arlene Foster said that this is a powerful advertisement with a hard-hitting message that challenges us on an emotional level. However, we can’t shy away from the realities of the total devastation that can befall a family after a fatal farm accident – particularly one involving a child, she said.

“While awareness about safety is high across the industry, farmers must step up and take responsibility for making sure they follow safe working practices at all times,” she said.

Michelle O’Neill, Minister for the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD), said that farmers have told us that they need to hear powerful safety messages and there is no doubt that this ad delivers.

“Anyone who cuts corners around safety needs to understand that they are risking tragic consequences that will leave a trail of heartbreak for themselves and their families,” she said.

Ulster Farmers Union (UFU) President Ian Marshall said that as a farmer he understands “that we can’t underplay the realities of farming when it comes to safety”.

“For many, farms are also family homes and this new advert underlines the need for all of us to play our part so that avoidable accidents like the one portrayed can be avoided,” he said.

You can watch the new advert here: