Animals stray onto the M3 motorway in heavy morning traffic

Some animals were reportedly loose on the M3 motorway early this morning, June 13, according to AA Roadwatch.

The stray animals were loose between junction five, the exit for Dunboyne, and junction six, the exit for Dunshaughlin, northbound on the M3 in Co. Meath.

Reports of the loose animals surfaced earlier this morning at around 7:00am, in the midst of heavy morning traffic.

Motorists were encouraged by AA Roadwatch to take extra care in the area when driving.

It took close to an hour for the loose animals to be safely removed; traffic resumed as normal in the area from about 8:00am onwards.

Meanwhile, reports of loose animals on Irish roads are not uncommon. Recently, a number of loose cows had to be safely removed from a public road in Co. Tipperary.

The cows were loose on the N74 Tipperary/Cashel road on May 19, between the towns of Kilfeacle and Golden.

Motorists were advised to be very cautious in the area before the cattle were removed. The cows were roaming the road between 8:00am and 9:00am.

Farmers warned against causing traffic chaos

Recently, the Road Safety Authority (RSA) warned farmers who are transporting heavy loads of silage this summer to steer clear of motorways.

Tractors are only allowed to drive on the motorway if they can achieve and maintain a speed of at least 50kph.

Anyone tempted to drive along the hard shoulder of a motorway could incur one penalty point on payment of a fine or three penalty points on conviction, the RSA confirmed.

They would also face a fixed charge of €80 if paid within 28 days, or an amount of €120 if paid in the next 28 days.

All tractors and trailers, or interchangeable towed equipment, must be in roadworthy condition before setting off, the RSA said.

Particular attention should be paid to regulations for agricultural vehicles in relation to braking, lighting and visibility – as well as weights, dimensions and plating – introduced in 2016.