Almost 350 cattle reported stolen from farms in 2018

A total of 347 cattle were stolen from farms and yards around Ireland in 2018, according to the Department of  Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

11 counties were hit by cattle thieves in 2018, going by the figures of animals reported stolen. These included counties: Cork; Donegal; Galway; Laois; Limerick; Louth; Mayo; Meath; Tipperary; Westmeath; and Wexford.

Co. Meath saw easily the highest number of cattle taken, with 232 animals lifted from this county alone – over two thirds of the total amount reported stolen.

November saw the highest number of animals taken with 211 reported stolen; 210 of these were taken in Meath during this month.

42 animals were taken in June, the second-highest month.

In a distant second place was Co. Laois which saw 35 animals stolen over the course of the year, with Co. Westmeath the county with the third highest number of stolen livestock – some 25 cattle.

What to do if cattle are stolen

The department noted that all incidents of stolen animals should therefore be reported to An Garda Siochana by the relevant keeper, for investigation.

Where an incident of cattle theft occurs, the owner/keeper of the stolen animals should also notify the appropriate Regional Veterinary Office (RVO) in writing, including details of animals stolen, date of theft and evidence that the incident has been reported to An Garda Siochana.

The RVO subsequently liaises with the department’s AIM Division in ensuring that the animals are recorded as stolen on the AIM system. Records of all reported stolen livestock are maintained centrally by AIM Division.