Putting added efficiencies, profitability and sustainability top of your agenda, this is according to the organisers of Alltech Global 500, which is hosting a international dairy and beef think-in in Dublin this October for the first time ever.

Last year, more than 700 delegates from 30 countries addressed the future of dairy and beef production, explored the most pertinent issues and developed a vision for a sustainable and profitable future in Lexington Kentucky in the US.

Now for the first time Alltech’s Global 500 conference will be held in Ireland in the RDS in Dublin, October 2 -3 2013, where the most progressive dairy and beef producers from around the world will network, share experiences and discuss a plan for profitability for 2014.

“This is your unique opportunity to find answers to your questions and generate creative thinking with like-minded farmers from all over the world. What are the modern challenges of animal production? How to target performance and profitability? What does the future hold? Can sustainability be achieved? If you are interested in sustaining or growing your operation, then this is a must-attend conference,” Alltech said in a statement.

For further information, please contact Alltech’s Global 500 registration team via your local Alltech office, or via email: [email protected].