AgriArgo is to take a large stand at this years LAMMA show in Birmingham in the U.K next month, with the emphasis being on new additions to the McCormick side of the business.

The average power rating of tractors sold on to Irish farms is around the 120hp mark, but averages can conceal a wide variation and many dealers report that the most popular models are up at the 170hp mark.

Mid-range compacts

AgriArgo’s latest range of tractors falls right into the middle of this spectrum with three new models of 135, 145 and 155hp.

The McCormick branded 135hp X6.413, the 145hp X6.414 and the 155hp X6.415. are all powered by a 4.5L NEF 45 engine from FPT which are four-cylinder, 16-valve units.

McCormick X6.4 lAMMA Birmingham
The McCormick X6 range will be seen mainly as an all-purpose farmer’s tractor

The main attraction of these machines is they are compact four-cylinder models that retain the size and versatility to work around the yard, while still possessing the power for more demanding operations such as mowing or baling.

The payoff being that they may be considered a little light to operate large mounted implements. The company noting that the powertrain and transmission layout allows for a wheelbase of 2,560mm.

Up to 40 speeds

The P6-Drive transmission features four ranges, each with six powershift steps, providing 24F/24R speeds, extendable to 40R/40R when the creep option is specified.

These new X6.4 tractors are fitted with a mechanically-suspended McCormick ‘high visibility’ cab, with FOPS-homologated panoramic roof with a hatch for natural ventilation.

Up to 14 LED lights, eight of which are in the roof, may be specified while comfort and on-road safety can be bolstered by optional front axle suspension.

Easy maintenance

The control of key functions is centred around a 12″ touchscreen monitor and all-in-one multifunction joystick.

The McCormick PSM (Precision Steering Management) system controls and manages satellite guidance, and integrates with the tractor’s ISOBUS implement control system, along with fleet and remote diagnostics.

Externally, engine access is enhanced by a new 90° opening bonnet and radiators arranged in a fan shape for easy servicing.

Updated X7 models

Also on show at Birmingham will be the new McCormick X7 range of tractors which comprises four semi-powershift P6-Drive transmission models and two VT-Drive CVT tractors.

Basically there are two power offerings, 165hp and 175hp. The differences come whether it is preferred to have a four-cylinder or six-cylinder engine providing it. There are also two transmission types, powershift or CVT.

Focus on McCormick at Birmingham

In addition to the actual specifications of the new tractors, it is notable that AgriArgo is promoting the McCormick brand over the Landini machines at the show.

Landini at Lamma Birmingham
The Landini Range has also received attention in time for the show

Quite how exactly the company will play the the two brands is a matter of continued speculation with it being thought that McCormick will encompass the larger tractors, while Landini will be associated with smaller, more general purpose models.

However, this will ignore the dealers in both who, no doubt, would wish to continue offering machines across the full power range.