This weekend will be mostly dry with some sunny spells, as temperatures drop back to normal for this time of year, according to Met Eireann.

Meanwhile, both drying and spraying conditions are set to improve this weekend as a ridge of high pressure covers the country.

Thanks to the recent low rainfall amounts, most soils are trafficable and are expected to remain so for the next several days.

Today, Friday, will see cloudy conditions linger in the east and south of the country with the occasional shower of rain forecast.

In the northwest and west there will be passing showers and sunny spells, while more rain could return in the afternoon to many parts at the weekend.

Temperatures are set to reach highs of between 12 or 13 degrees, higher than usual for the time of year, in a fresh to strong south to southwest wind.

Tonight is forecast to be mainly dry, although showers are likely to affect northwest coastal areas.

Winds are set to be moderate to fresh, as temperatures fall to as low as 5 degrees. It is forecast to be coldest in the southeast of the country where skies will be clearest.


Tomorrow, Saturday will be mainly dry with light winds and sunny spells, according to Met Eireann.

Temperatures are expected to be around normal for the time of year, with between 9 to 11 degrees forecast.

Only a passing shower or two is forecast on the north coast, as winds will be light to moderate.

It is set to turn colder overnight, with temperatures set to fall to near freezing in Munster and Leinster, while Connacht and Ulster will remain a little milder thanks to more cloud cover.


Sunday is expected to be very similar to the previous day, remaining mainly dry with light southerly winds.

However, temperatures are set to fall back a little as Sunday night will likely be colder in the eastern half of the country with frost expected.

Similar to the night before, further west will once again be milder on Sunday night with temperatures ranging between 4 to 5 degrees.


Early indications for Monday show that rain is expected to develop along the west coast, but it is set to push slowly eastwards.

Light southerly winds are set to increase to moderate during the day as the rain eventually makes its way further east, breaking up as it does so.

A spell of of unsettled weather with showers or longer spells of rain is forecast for the early days of next week, but drier conditions are expected to prevail by mid-week.