A buck-rake with a ‘twist’: Is this the ultimate silage fork?

Among the most eye-catching machines at the recent LAMMA show (in the UK) was this German-built (Saphir) fork – for pushing up silage.

Designated the GGK 30, this silage fork is built by Saphir GmbH. At LAMMA, it was on UK importer Suffolk Farm Machinery’s stand.

It’s notable for employing a tilting – rather than a push-off – mechanism for ejecting each bellyful of grass.

This short video (below) shows the tilting mechanism in action, whereby the tines are afforded a relatively large arc of travel.

It’s been available in Germany for some time. However, this year’s LAMMA show apparently marks the GGK 30’s first trip to the UK. As yet, it is believed that none of these units have made their way to Ireland.

According to Saphir, the tines are “heavy-duty” units; they are 1.4m long.


The implement has an effective working width that spans 2.7m; its transport width is slightly bigger – at 2.97m. The rear mesh is 1.4m tall – enough, says the manufacturer, to prevent surplus silage from cascading over the frame and onto the tractor’s linkage.

The implement tips the scales at 1.56t.

Saphir also makes a variety of other interesting implements for ensiling grass and maize. Below, for example, is a video showing the company’s SW 30 clamp roller (with a side-slung unit) in action.

Saphir is based in Bockel, Germany. It designs and fabricates a wide variety of products from land rollers to harrows – and plenty in between.