A 13-year-old boy has been hailed as a hero by local emergency services in Co. Cork, after playing a key role in saving his father’s life in an incident involving an agitator.

The incident occurred recently in Kanturk, Co. Cork.

Paying tribute to young farmer Brian Philpott, Kanturk Fire and Rescue gave a recount of what happened – and how the boy’s quick actions made all the difference.

“Astonishing bravery of [a] 13-year-old boy who was at hand to help save his father’s life,” the service explained.

“Brian Philpott and his dad [Declan Philpott] were going mounting the agitator on the rear of the New Holland tractor; it fell off the stand pinning Declan between the wheel and the agitator.

“Declan could not breathe with the weight of the agitator pressed against him which had crushed him in between that and the tyre. Within minutes Declan had passed out and started to turn blue.

“Without thought Brian jumped in the tractor and drove forward allowing his father to breathe again.

“This incident shows the importance of being alert and aware when using farm machinery and never take it for granted how quickly situations can change around farm machinery,” Kanturk Fire and Rescue said, adding:

“We were called to this incident to assist the ambulance who were very quickly on the scene. We had to help make sure Declan was handled in the correct manner from his position on the ground to the spinal board, and then into the ambulance.”

A further assessment took place before being Declan was admitted to hospital, the fire service concluded.