A sheep farmer from Roundstone, Co. Galway, has reported that 10 of his sheep have gone missing in what he is calling “a suspected two-legged fox attack”.

Speaking to AgriLand, Joseph Mannion explained that the sheep were grazing on lands known as the Murvey Commonage.

He explained that each farmer would have approximately 50 sheep on the commonage.

The sheep gone missing are all young Black-faced Scotch ewes and are three to four-year-old sheep. They are marked with animal spray and have a blue left shoulder and blue right hip.

Mannion added that he was going to bring the ewes off the commonage to put them to the ram and this is when he noticed that 10 of them were missing.

He noted that neighbours in the area have been looking out for them also but they are “not to be seen for a big area of ground”.

He remarked that it often happens where one or two younger sheep could wander off or go missing over the winter, but for 10 ewes to go missing at once is “almost unheard of”.

Because it is commonage, there is no way to prove if they wandered off or if they were stolen.

Mannion called for anyone who has seen anything suspicious to e-mail AgriLand.

He concluded: “It is difficult enough as it is to make a profit without losing so many in one go. Any information on the sheep will be greatly appreciated.”