Every mart around the country is different, but they are made up of the same characters.

We’ve done a quick guide to those you’re most likely to meet around the ring.

Can you spot yourself in the mix?

1. The Judge – ‘Jeezz he always was a savage judge of stock,’ is what you might hear about some of the older generation found at the mart. There’s usually one man at the mart who’s always respected as a quality judge of stock. Follow closely his movements on the rail and you’re on to a winner.

meme 4


2. The window shoppers – Everyone knows the guys who wouldn’t miss a day at the mart. Rarely though do they have anything to show for their labours at the end of the day. It’s no harm to have a chat with them though – they know the trade better than anyone!

meme 6


3. The old lads who have seen it all before – The old timers know their stuff and are not afraid to make you aware it either. Consultation with these men a must before all major purchases.



4. The young guns – Spotting this elusive visitor is difficult. A semi-nocturnal creature tends to only be seen at evening and weekend sales. Fresh out of their nappies, it is difficult to know whether they are genuine or spending Daddy’s money.

wellies family


5. The bargain hunter – Everyone buying at a mart is looking for a bargain. But our bargain hunter is on the lookout for a ‘serious’ bargain which usually involves the runt of the litter know one else wants.


6. The dealer – Playing with these boys around the ring can be dangerous business. Love them or hate them they know their trade and have enough depth in their pockets to outbid you or, worse still, make you pay through the nose. 

meme 11

7. The wanna-be dealer – Everyone knows that guy around the ring who talks the talk but never walks the walk. Watch his jobber boots, as they’re an essential fashion item for him!

wanna be dealers


8. The auctioneer no one understands – There is an auctioneer in every mart that’s impossible to understand. Often only seasoned campaigners know what the hell is going on, but it presents the opportunity to spot the judge and the dealer – they’ll be using the confusion to their benefit!

meme 8


9. The factory man – Often the snappy dresser of the mart scene. Rarely seen without his black suit pants and crisp white shirt. Easily identified by his bulging wallet.


10. The cross drover – No one has had an escape from this stick-wielding Zorro of the ash. Often a red faced pipe smoker, you will be surprised at how good at French he will become if you leave a gate open.