AgriLand’s top stories this week

Here’s our roundup of the top stories the past week on Agriland , a good weekend read

All things rural: Full draw down to CAP EU rural development secured

All things amazing: Alltech’s Gobal think-in set for Ireland for first time ever

All things tillage: Irish self-sufficiency in cereals increases to 92pc, exports 75pc

All things awards: Say cheese! Irish producers cream of the crop on a global stage 

All things grass: Latest grassland research from Teagasc out

All things awareness: Agri Aware Day: Irish farm and food showcase set for Dublin Zoo

All things jobs: Horsemeat scandal increased tough trading for Dawn Fresh Foods, minister

All things tender: New pig hub for Moorepark, study into Cork national food centre

All things beef: Drop in beef prices €3.5m loss to farmers in three weeks, claims ICMSA

All things cash: €1.4m in fines issued to 4,800 farmers this week

All things human: Don’t just worry about memory loss, do something about it

All things good: Irish salmon export leap set for China, full market access secured

All things food: Consumers ‘more conscious of food ingredients’ – FSAI

All things wishful: Latest John Deere Advertisement


The Big Report: Dairy expansion money matters: Are you a chicken or a pig?

A busy week!


Keep Watch: AgriLand will be running competitions in association with The Tullamore Show all next week

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And AgriLand’s Great Bank Holiday Read: An in-depth interview with Dairymaster’s Dr Edmond Harty on all things post-Quota out Monday


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