Latest forecasts suggest that the weather will be fairly dry and settled for the weekend with some good sunshine at times.

According to Met Eireann’s latest forecast, cloud will increase tomorrow with some patchy rain or drizzle at times. There will be some bright or sunny intervals as well.

It is set to turn mild again with top temperatures reaching 16 to 20 degrees.

It will be mild and misty overnight Saturday night with clear spells in eastern areas, but most of the country will be cloudy, with a risk of a shower along northwest coasts. Temperatures will be between 11 and 13 degrees and winds will be light southerly.

Forecasters say it’s likely to be a cloudy day on Sunday. There’ll be dry, bright spells, especially in midland and eastern areas, but there will be cloudy misty periods too, with some passing patches of drizzle, light rain and fog, these are most likely to affect Atlantic coastal counties.

Met Eireann says temperatures during the afternoon will still be moderately high for the time of year, between 16 and 18 degrees with just light southerly or variable breezes.

Latest indications suggest Monday will be dry, with sunshine. It’ll be a mild day with light southerly breezes and higher than usual temperatures although it will be cooler in the east than the west. Tuesday is set to start off dull and damp with outbreaks of rain over the eastern half of the country. Drier, brighter conditions with sunshine and just isolated showers in the west will then gradually extend eastwards.

Met Eireann says the further outlook is for continued relatively mild and settled weather although there will be another spell of rain in the west midweek, otherwise mainly fair weather.