The Sustainable Breeding Summit produced by Agriland Media Group, in association with Progressive Genetics and Munster Bovine, continues this evening (Wednesday, April 6) with episode two of the three-part series.

In episode two of the Sustainable Breeding Summit, Martin Kavanagh joins a panel including:

  • Ben Slee, artifical insemination (AI) technician with Munster Bovine;
  • Denis Howard, veterinary surgeon with Munster Bovine;
  • James Hanly, dairy farmer from Co. Tipperary;
  • Trevor Hanly, breeding advisor with Progressive Genetics;
  • George Beattie, Co. Wicklow dairy farmer and presenter of George Goes Dairy Farming.

Episode two also takes place on the farm of James Hanly, with the focus of this episode on breeding and fertility management on Irish dairy farms.

Similar to episode one, there will be a number of interviews followed by a panel discussion.

George Beattie speaks with AI technicians Ben Slee from Munster Bovine and Fergal Cuddy from Progressive Genetics about the breeding season that lies ahead.

John Heslin and Rose Goulding speak about dairy calf to beef, while Martin Kavanagh and Denis Howard talk about field fertility.

Sustainable Breeding Summit

Episode one

Episode one of the Sustainable Breeding Summit focused on economic breeding index (EBI) and how it has delivered for Irish dairy farmers.

The episode saw Martin Kavanagh chair a panel discussion of farmers and experts – with topic such as EBI, cow selection for breeding and spreading the risk discussed.

Episode three

The series continues tomorrow, with episode three seeing a change in focus, venue and the panel for beef segment of the series.

In episode three of the Sustainable Breeding Summit, Co. Westmeath man and suckler farmer John Heslin joins a panel including:

  • Hubert Nicholson, suckler farmer from Co. Meath;
  • John McDaniel, breeding advisor with Progressive Genetics;
  • Ciaran Lenehan, suckler farmer from Co. Meath;
  • Rose Goulding, beef programme manager with the National Cattle Breeding Centre (NCBC).

The final episode moves away from dairy and focus on suckler breeding. The panel will discuss the future of suckler breeding along with much more – so don’t forget to turn in tomorrow evening.