One Galway family is managing to keep the flood waters at bay from his home – by stacking up silage bales to help stem the water flow.

Darren Brady posted this video to Facebook earlier this week.

It shows over 20 bales surrounding the yard in Corofin and while there’s a wall with sandbags visible behind the bales, it appears that the flooding has already come in over the wall.

The entrance to the house and the garage have also been sandbagged to fence the water off.

There’s a Deutz Fahr on a trailer parked up beside the flood, where a slurry agitator is pumping the water away from the yard.

According to The Tuam Herald, this is the second time that the area has flooded, the first time was in 2009 when floodwaters burst through the wall of sandbags at the front door, forcing it open and flooding the house.

It also reports that while the house was covered by insurance in 2009, it is not covered this time around.

The caption accompanying the video says that the Brady’s are trying to ‘hold back 4ft of water‘.

When trying to hold back 4ft of water! James Reilly

Posted by Darren Brady on Monday, December 7, 2015