A tractor driver in the UK is lucky to be alive following a serious machinery accident, where he was thrown from the cab of the tractor he was operating, according to local reports.

Occurring on a farm in Devon, England, the incident purportedly caused in the region of £150,000 (€171,450) worth of damage, according to local publication DevonLive.

Devon farm manager Jason Hutchings is believed to have suffered severe bruising and concussion when he was apparently flung through the window of the tractor he was driving when the balance-weight block came off the front of the machine.

The weight is believed to have lodged under the front wheel, pitching the vehicle forward – and hurling the driver out of the cab in the process.

Image source: Jason Hutchings

The tractor’s hand throttle was knocked into the revving position as Hutchings was cast from the vehicle, accelerating the machine.

Speeding away from the driver, the tractor apparently destroyed machinery, smashed through the wall of a cattle shed and drove over a silage feeder before being halted by a flat-bed trailer.

The following short video is courtesy of the DevonLive Facebook page.


In a Facebook post, Hutchings said: “I’m very lucky to be alive and big thanks to emergency services for the quick response and taking good care of me; also thanks to everyone that helped me out.”