Over the past week, AgriLand Media produced ‘The Calf Show’ over four nights, which was hosted by our beef specialist Michael Carey in conjunction with the Teagasc Green Acres Calf to Beef Programme.

During the nightly discussions, viewers were able to tune in to the broadcasts to get information about every element of calf-rearing.

All of the programmes can still be accessed on the AgriLand Media YouTube channel.

Episode 1

In episode one, Michael Carey hosted a discussion about preparing your farm for the arrival of calves and the factors to consider when choosing calves.

Panellists for the programme included Doreen Corridan from Munster Bovine, Seán Cummins from Teagasc and Peter O’Hanrahan – a farmer in the Teagasc Green Acres programme.

The first episode (above) looked at what changes farmers can make to existing buildings in order to provide calves with the best environment.

AgriLand Media also discussed what farmers need to think about when it comes to the price of calves this spring.

Episode 2

The second episode in ‘The Calf Show’ series focused on calf feeding and hygiene.

During the discussion, the panellists spoke about the levels of milk replacer that calves need to be getting this spring. Alongside this, Michael Carey took a look at the issue of maintaining good hygiene and biosecurity levels on farms.

The panellists for episode two (above) included Rebecca O’Sullivan from Volac, James Fitzgerald from Teagasc and Irvine Allen, a Teagasc Green Acres Calf to Beef participant.

Allen gave a detailed run-through about feeding milk replacer to calves on his farm along with some of the practices he follows when it comes to the upkeep of hygiene on his farm.

Episode 3

In the third installment of ‘The Calf Show’, Michael Carey and the AgriLand Media team focused the discussion on calf health and implementing a vaccination programme this spring on calf-to-beef farms.

The panel for the third episode included Suzanne Naughton from MSD, James Fitzgerald from Teagasc and Teagasc Green Acres Calf to Beef participant, Martin Connolly.

In the episode (which can be viewed above), Suzanne Naughton outlined best practice when it comes to administering vaccines this spring.

She also gave some advice to farmers buying calves off dairy farms this spring – as she suggested some questions they need to ask dairy farmers based around the management of the calf.

Martin Connolly spoke about his experience of implementing a herd health programme on his farm and some of the benefits he is reaping by following this plan.

Episode 4

The fourth and final episode of ‘The Calf Show’ featured an in-depth discussion on preparing calves for weaning off milk replacer and getting them ready for turnout to grass this spring on calf-to-beef farms.

The panel for this episode included Alan Dillon and Seán Cummins from Teagasc, Dermot Meehan from Drummonds and Pat Collins – a Teagasc Green Acres Calf To Beef participant.

In the final episode (above), Seán Cummins spoke about the weighing of calves, while also advising some farmers on the most suitable paddock locations that young calves should be turned out to this spring.

Dermot Meehan gave his insight into providing the best nutrition for the calf prior to weaning while also promoting healthy rumen development.

Alan Dillion discussed the weight gains farmers should be seeing from their calves once they are out at grass.

All episodes of ‘The Calf Show’ are available on the AgriLand Media YouTube channel.