Video: Great drone footage of last year’s silage being cut

Has the recent spell of fine, dry, weather made you start looking forward to the summer when silage cutting time rolls around?

Agri-contractors Brennans of Leighlin were filmed last summer making silage for the Nolans of Ballower in Co. Carlow.

The Brennans filmed their Claas combine picking up the grass and putting it into their trailers, at one stage three tractors with trailers can be seen lining up to collect the grass.

The drone footage also captures the tractors bringing the silage to the silage pit with the loading shovel compacting the grass in the pit.

Covering the pit also features in the video, with no less than seven people ready to roll the plastic down over the pit.

The music featured on the video is ‘Hit the Diff’ by Marty Mone, the song about farming from silage making to slurry.

Weather outlook for this weekend

Current indications for the weekend from Met Eireann suggest that it’s going to be cooler but it will be mostly dry with some scattered showers.

Saturday is promised to be a cold day but it will be mostly dry with isolated showers, mainly in the north and east.

Current indications suggest that Sunday will be mostly dry with scattered showers in the north and northwest. There will be good sunshine at first but it will become cloudier later, Met Eireann has said.