Unveiled: Fiat ‘concept’ tractor brings the 90 Series back to life…

Following on from yesterday’s AgriLand article, New Holland has now unveiled a ‘concept’ that embodies what a Fiat tractor would look like in the modern era.

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The tractor is currently on display at the EIMA 2018 show in Bologna, Italy.

New Holland has created the so-called ‘Fiat Centenario‘ concept tractor to celebrate 100 years since the introduction of the first Fiat tractor.

The concept tractor was inspired by the Fiat/Fiatagri Series 90 (or 90 Series, as many refer to it) and created by CNH Industrial’s Design Centre.

According to New Holland, it “revisits the iconic tractor range, updating its design with the flowing lines of today’s modern tractors”.

The manufacturer says that the wrap-around bodywork is “reminiscent of the methane-powered concept tractor presented last year”.

The hood decals, based on those of the Series 90, are intended to “link the Fiat legacy to the present-day New Holland brand”.

‘Special-edition’ versions of current tractors

To celebrate the anniversary, New Holland has also created ‘Fiat Centenario Limited Edition’ versions of current (production) tractors. These have “specially-designed liveries that incorporate elements of the Fiat tractor heritage”.

The terracotta colour that has been associated with Fiat tractors for decades has apparently been updated and given a metallic nuance; the hood emblem links today’s New Holland ‘leaf’ to the terracotta heritage.

Special decals on the hood and fender link today’s tractors to Fiat’s origins (and the iconic Series 90 in particular).

The commemorative tractors will be available in six utility, specialist and crawler models – namely the T5.120 EC, T5.115 (pictured below), T4.110F with cab, T4.110LP ROPS, T4.110FB ROPS and TK4.110 ROPS.

Each tractor bears a numbered plate identifying it as one of the 100 ‘limited-edition’ models within the six ranges.

Carlo Lambro, brand president of New Holland Agriculture, commented: “Our programme of events and initiatives wants to celebrate the 100 years that Fiat and New Holland have spent by the side of farmers, helping them do more with less – through innovative, productive and efficient equipment.”