A former principal at Mountbellew Agricultural College has been awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science by University College Dublin (UCD).

Brother Tony Dolan was presented with the award on Monday, September 2.

The Honorary Doctor of Science degree acknowledges his contribution to sustainable agriculture and agricultural education in Ireland, Kenya and Uganda since 1971.

According to a statement from UCD, Br. Tony has improved the livelihood of thousands of people in Kenya and Uganda through the promotion and teaching of practical and grounded actions for sustainable agriculture.

Br. Tony travelled overseas in 1978 and since then has dedicated himself to improving the livelihood of the people of Western Kenya and Northern Uganda through educating and supporting them in achieving sustainable systems of farming.

He graduated from UCD in 1971 with a degree in agriculture.

Following graduation, Br. Tony started teaching at Mountbellew Agricultural College and within two years was appointed principal to the college, a position he held until 1989.

At Mountbellew, he led the development of new dairy and beef units and associated training enabling many young farmers to successfully navigate their way through a rapidly modernising time in agriculture.

In 1989, Br. Tony moved to Molo, Western Kenya, and took on the role as principal at Baraka Farmers’ Training Centre.

According to the statement, he successfully guided the upgrading of the centre to an agriculture college with over 2,000 graduates to date.

The Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development curriculum developed at the college is now accredited by the Kenyan government as a nationally training course, helping many young men and women contribute to development in their local communities.