Well-known pedigree Aberdeen Angus herd Clontead Herd is set to hold an online sale straight from its yard in Co. Cork this week – with some chart-topping bulls set to go under the hammer.

The sale will take place this Thursday afternoon, March 25, at 1:00pm through MartEye.

It will include all the bulls reared from 2019 and 2020, with the group as an average carrying 2.5 times the breed average for carcass.

Of key interest for potential customers will be one bull, Clontead Pluto V311, with a Dairy Beef Index (DBI) of an impressive €125 – ranked in the top 1% across breeds – with the highest DBI carcass ratio available, more than four times the breed average.

Speaking to AgriLand ahead of the sale, Eustace Burke of Clontead Herd said:

“Our customers are those who wish to produce progeny that command top-tier prices in the calf rings and factory. All our bulls are high index bulls with high carcass figures combined with easy calving traits.

“All bulls will sell live on the Marteye app direct from our yard. All bulls can be retained on farm for three weeks after the sale and delivered for free.

“Lot 2 is probably the star lot; he has the highest DBI [Dairy Beef Index] carcass ratio index available,” he said.

Weighing 800kg, Pluto has some impressive stats with a birth weight of 34kg after 277 days’ gestation.

Eustace noted that the herd has Johnes free status and all bulls are vaccinated for IBR.

He added that all bulls are fertility tested, genomic tested, parent verified and tested for myostatin.

“All bulls are out wintered with no special treatment they have been bred and raised in a commercial environment to perform in a commercial environment,” the breeder added.

For those interested, viewings by appointment can be arranged, with a catalogue and pictures available on MartEye.