Straw prices average less than €25/bale

Straw prices are now averaging slightly less than €25 for a 4X4 round bale, a review of advertisements on Donedeal has shown.

Average prices have dropped slightly in recent weeks; this time last month prices were edging closer to the €30/bale mark.

This slight drop in price may be attributed to a decrease in demand as the winter period comes to an end.

The average price of a 4X4 round bale of straw in the midlands currently stands at between €22 and €24/bale collected from the yard, a spokesperson for the Irish Grain Growers Association has said.

Sample prices 4X4 round bales:
  • Laois – €25
  • Carlow – €20
  • Cavan – €25
  • Donegal – €23
  • Mayo – €20
  • Kerry – €25
  • Offaly – €18 

Meanwhile, large square bales of straw are being advertised for between €38 and €50/bale, depending on the size.

The cost of transport or haulage will increase the price of straw in regions where it may be in short supply, the Grain Growers spokesperson added.

Sheds are beginning to empty out now, so this should encourage farmers to buy straw direct from the field next harvest.

“We would be hoping straw prices would average between €14 and €15/bale in the midlands direct from the field.

“This is the bare minimum and it also represents value to the farmer who is buying it,” the spokesperson said.

Comparisons to hay and Silage

Farmers can expect to pay anywhere between €15 and €25 for a round bale of silage, a look at Donedeal advertisements has shown.

Prices vary throughout the country, but the majority of silage on offer can be bought for close to the €20/bale mark.

Round bales of hay continue to average close to the €20/bale mark. However, there are some advertisements looking for in excess of €25/bale.

In Co. Tipperary hay can be bought for as little as €12/bale, while in Co. Kerry farmers may have to pay as much as €30/bale.