Spring oilseed rape variety options for 2018

Oilseed rape may be a good option for many farmers this spring. The poor weather last autumn resulted in many farmers reducing their winter cropping acreage.

Furthermore, tillage farmers may now have to fulfil they’re three-crop rule obligation with more spring cropping area than they had originally planned.

The crop is seen as low maintenance by many farmers and is a good break crop in a rotation. There are three main variety options for spring oilseed rape this season. These varieties are detailed below.


Mirakel, a hybrid variety, has become popular among growers in this country, as it is suited to the climate. Apart from its high oil content, Mirakel is early-maturing and has a good resistance to lodging.

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Lumen is an early-maturing variety. It has a good resistance to lodging and a strong stem. This hybrid variety establishes quickly and has one of the highest relative yield scores on the AHDB (Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board) recommended list in the UK. This score is 105.


Pod shatter is often a problem in oilseed rape and Tamarin has a good resistance to this. The early-maturing variety has excellent standing ability. Tamarin is a conventional variety and is the highest yielding conventional variety on the UK’s descriptive list for 2018.