A mobile app dubbed SimplyCow has been launched internationally by Finnish software company Mtech Digital Solutions.

Launched today (Thursday, April 15), Mtech describes its new application as “an easy-to-use app that acts as a standalone tool, allowing for herd management and animal recording without extensive software systems”.

A ‘new kid on the block’ in this part of the world, it will be interesting to see if it can gain a foothold on these shores, considering the Irish firms currently operating in this space.


The Finnish firm claims that its app “serves farmers as well as authorities, advisory organisations and food companies”, adding, in an international context, that:

“SimplyCow sets the foundation for animal breeding, milk production development, and monitoring animal health and animal product provenience in developing livestock countries.

Continuing, Mtech says the app is “a handy tool for use in the cowshed or pasture to immediately record animal events”.

The data is then transferred to the dairy farm management system, where more extensive observations and analysis of the herd are made.

“In Finland, this kind of management software would be MyFarm developed by Mtech, used on most Finnish cattle farms,” it is added.

For countries that have an animal information system, SimplyCow as a fully cloud-based solution can be connected to it through an interface, the company says.

“If there is no interface, Mtech is happy to implement it with its extensive experience as an agricultural software developer.”

App features

In terms of features, SimplyCow offers animal event recording, task list creation, and the monitoring of milk yields.

With task lists, the farmer can schedule recurring routines such as vaccinations or parasite treatments.

The milk recording function stores milk yields and related milk sample data. By recording insemination and mating information, the farmers can keep track on the pedigrees of their herd, Mtech says.

SimplyCow can also be used without a network connection. The data is stored in a cloud database when the device regains connection to the Internet, the Finnish firm concludes.