Simple, high-quality ear tags that are designed to last

Datamars Ireland has been supplying cattle and sheep ear tags for Ireland for over three years now, and it is committed to offering the best service and quality to existing and new customers. It offers simple, high-quality ear tags that are designed to last.

The printing and distribution of the tags is done from its location in Dublin and the company’s tag range includes visual, tissue and electronic cattle tags, as well as fully automatic and standards sheep tags.

These tags are proven to be robust and reliable and are currently widely used in the UK, Europe and in nearly 100 companies around the world.

Datamars offers a number of competitive advantages to the Irish farming customer. These include:

  • Low loss rates;
  • Excellent order turnaround times;
  • Single one-step application of visual and tissue tags;
  • Integrated sample preservation with no refrigeration necessary;
  • A robust applicator with longer handles for easy application;
  • They are also priced competitively;
  • Five-day turnaround time on orders;
  • Free replacement on all tags in the first 12 months.

BVD sample integrated into tag

Once a tag is in place, a sample comes away attached to a large and easy-to-read-and-find label. The BVD sample then is stable for 90 days without a need to refrigerate; a sample pod is filled with silica which dries the sample.

Orders are processed within five working days and come with a free tagger with your first order of cattle tags. Fully rotating flexible flags reduce chance of infection and loss.

The tag is designed to allow tagging, tissue collection and sealing of the sample container in a single-step process. Additionally, all samples can be stored at room temperature without the need for refrigeration until posting to the laboratory.

Datamars also offers replacement tags and will have the tags on the way to your farm within 24 hours.

Fastest and most efficient way to apply sheep tags

Datamars Agri also supplies sheep tags in Ireland. Carrying the Tagfaster brand, this is the fastest and most efficient way to apply sheep tags in Ireland today.

The fully automatic Tagfaster system allows 10 animals to be tagged with one applicator load when double identifying and 20 when identifying with a single tag.

The gun automatically releases the ear and the tag pins are covered for cleanliness and to prevent tangling in the wool.

Datamars cattle tags:

  • The price for cattle tags is €2.90 including ICBF and VAT;
  • Electronic cattle tags are €3.95 including ICBF and VAT;
  • Management tags (which are tags farmers can use just for managing their cattle).

Datamars now supplies a full range of drenchers. The oral and pour-on applicator would be the most common drencher the company has. Designed for use on cattle or sheep or pigs, it has variable dose options with an ergonomic design with a dose range of 1-20ml.

For more information on Datamars products, just click here

New VAT reduction

Datamars is also proud to work with Embrace FARM, the farm accident support network.

This year and as such, the company proposes to give, with the farmers’ permission, the new VAT reduction of 2% to this well-deserving charity, so even though prices have remained the same, it will be passing on the 2% to Embrace FARM – this will continue as long as the government keeps the reduced VAT rate or 12 months, whichever is longer.

Farmers can state online or on order forms that they wish to receive the reduction.

Embrace FARM supports all those affected by farm accidents; it supports individuals and families if they have tragically lost a loved one and to people who have suffered serious injury that are now adjusting to life in the aftermath of their trauma.

If you have been affected by an accident on farm, please contact Embrace FARM here