Both the numbers of sheep and pigs slaughtered in February 2018 are up by 7.1% when compared to the same period in 2017, according to the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

However, over the same period, cattle slaughterings decreased by 1.2%.

The CSO has also just released a comparison of figures for January-February 2018 with the corresponding period of 2017, noting increases across the board for all three cateogries.

The figures show that:
  • Cattle slaughterings increased by 2.5%;
  • Sheep slaughterings increased by 7.9%;
  • Pig slaughterings increased by 7.2%.

In numeric terms, according to the CSO statistics, the month gone by saw 148,900 cattle, 221,600 sheep and 277,600 pigs slaughtered. This is compared to 150,600 cattle, 207,00 sheep and 259,200 pigs in February 2017.

Source: Central Statistics Office

According to the CSO, the figures released include slaughterings at both meat establishments approved by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and slaughterhouses and meat plants approved by Local Authorities under Statutory Instrument (SI) 432 of 2009.

Data on the number of slaughterings in department-approved meat establishments for cattle, sheep, and pigs are obtained monthly by the CSO from the Department of Agriculture.

Sheep base quotes unchanged

Meanwhile, for sheep producers, factory agents are currently offering 700-720c/kg for spring lambs. During the week ending March 18, the number of spring lambs slaughtered at Department of Agriculture approved sheepmeat plants stood at just 358 – an increase of 344 head on the previous week.

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Similar to last week, processors are currently offering 580-600c/kg (excluding Quality Assurance Scheme bonuses) for hoggets. Kildare Chilling is offering an all-in price of 610c/kg (600c/kg + 10c/kg Quality Assurance Scheme bonus).

Kepak Athleague is currently offering 590c/kg and a Quality Assurance Scheme bonus of 5c/kg. Irish Country Meats is quoting an all-in price of 590c/kg (580c/kg + 10c/kg Quality Assurance Scheme bonus).

It must be noted that finishers with larger numbers of sheep to market have been receiving prices above base quotes.