Say it with spuds! Why didn’t an Irish person think of this?

Why didn’t an Irish person come up with the ingenious idea to send a message with a potato?

One American man is turning over $10,000 a month since May by receiving orders to write messages on a potato and send them to people.

Alex Craig (24) started which the University of North Texas graduate after the idea came to him a few months ago.

“I would say that the two things that hold everybody back in life, it’s fear and it’s doubt.

“The fear of failure and the fear of wasting your time and the doubt that you can actually achieve something big on a huge scale,” he told David Goins of Channel 8 news.

Craig’s email is now filling up with customers ordering $10 potatoes with a custom message sent anonymously to whoever they want.

What’s really cool about this is that it takes me about 30 seconds to write on a potato.

Craig is clearing $10,000 a month since started in May and he says it’s turned into something better than profit.

“We’ve sent thousands of potatoes to people across the US so in some sort of way we’ve had an impact on someone’s life even for that split second when they open their mail and say ‘what the hell is this’.”

“Suddenly someone in Dallas Texas can have that impact on somebody’s life. That’s crazy.”

While Criag hasn’t started shipping to Ireland yet, in the US to send a large potato with a message costs $9.99 (€8.85).