The Farmers For Action (FFA) group in Northern Ireland is holding a major protest outside the EU Offices on the Dublin Road in Belfast on Tuesday.

Organisers say that the protest needs all farmers and farming families fed-up with producing the following at a loss; beef, lamb, cereals, vegetables, milk, chicken and pork to attend.

Furthermore, the FFA welcomes all farm organisations, traders and anyone with a vested interest in a profitable rural economy to the protest.

The Steering Committee of FFA says that the EU has a lot to answer for over the last two decades and the protest is set to take place on August 25 at 12 noon.

In short, the EU’s disastrous farming policies have been increasingly moulded by the influence in Brussels of large corporate food retailers, large corporate food wholesalers and to a lesser extent large corporate food processors, the FFA says.

This protest, it says, will highlight this intolerable high-level lobbying and furthermore will serve to hold the EU to account on financial safety nets promised to EU rural dwellers and not delivered, for example Article 39b of the Lisbon Treaty which in short states, rural dwellers are to be properly rewarded for their work.

Now is the opportunity for farmers to have their say to the EU as they head towards the 2016 UK EU referendum, the FFA says.