Italian tractor manufacturer Same has decided to update its Explorer range, offering seven models to the range in 2017.

The updated tractors will be available in three or four cylinder models, with all complying with Stage 4 emissions standards.

The range will see models vary in power from 75 horsepower to a maximum of 116 horsepower, while there will also be a choice of either two or four-wheel-drive tractors.

Designed for versatility and adaptability, the Explorer range which first went into production over 30-years-ago, offers improved manoeuvrability and traction, the manufacturer says.

The largest tractor in the range is the 120 HD version of the Explorer, which is now equipped with the next-generation 4-cylinder FARMotion engine and offers a maximum power of 116 horsepower.

Source: Same

Source: Same

Thanks to a the new suspended cab with ‘Hydro Silent-Block’ cab, suspension vibrations felt by the driver will be reduced by up to 40% in the new range.

Meanwhile, buyers can choose between three different wheelbases, transmissions with distinct features, a wide range of maximum permitted loads, different types of hydraulic system and various lifting capacities.

Same Continues Its Long Tradition Of Specialised Tractors

Same has a long history of producing specialist tractors, having manufactured its first compact four-wheel-drive models in 1952.

The new SAME Frutteto range is designed to provide a a high level of comfort, excellent handling and unrivaled efficiency, it says.

Offering three individual series, the Frutteto range includes a total of 18 models to choose from, while power varies from 75 horsepower to 113 horsepower.

Same Frutteto SV Source: Same

Frutteto SV Source: Same

Buyers can choose the more simple models which are light and compact and equipped with a fully synchronised five-speed manual transmission as well as mechanically controlled hydraulic distributors.

Alternatively, they can choose the high-tech models which are equipped with individual wheel suspension, hydraulic distributors, electronic hitch, a Powershift and electrohydraulic shuttle.

The new Frutteto range offers various configuration options that allow the driver to tailor the tractor to satisfy a array of requirements.

The particularly small size of the new FARMotion T4 Interim engine, coupled with the redesigned front axle support have allowed a further reduction in the turning circle of the new SAME Frutteto models, it says.

Same’s long tradition in specialist tractors has also produced a particularly varied range of cabs, with differing platforms depending on the size of the wheels.

The tractor manufacturers specialist range was awarded in 2016 when the Same S/V Activedrive was awarded the ‘Best of Specialised’ prize at the Tractor of the Year awards.