The Royal Highland Showcase, in Partnership with Royal Bank of Scotland, has revealed strong entry figures for its equestrian classes.

Almost 2,000 entries have been confirmed across Heavy Horses, Light Horses and Show Jumping for the livestreamed event, taking place in Edinburgh from June 14 – June 20.

The equestrian classes will be streamed as part of the ‘behind closed doors’ showcase, which will welcome exhibitors from across the UK to shine a spotlight on the best of the country’s horses and ponies, with 1,992 entries received overall.

Light Horse entries total 780, with the M&M Under Saddle class leading the way with 117 entries.

Other popular classes included M&M Workers (86), Mixed Mountain & Moorland In Hand (81), Working Hunter Ponies (66) and Coloured Under Saddle (48).

297 Heavy Horse entries have been received, with the largest class being Standard Shetlands (60) with Miniature Shetlands close behind (53).

Other classes which have seen high entry figures include Clydesdale Females (43), Highland Pony females (38) and Ridden Highlands (37). Heavy Horse Turnouts (10) and Harness Grooming and Decoration (13) will also take place.

Show Jumping classes received 764 entries overall, and the new Arena Event for amateur riders saw 118 entries.

‘Clear enthusiasm of our equestrian competitors’

Chief steward of Heavy Horses, Tom Tennant said:

“It has been brilliant to see the clear enthusiasm of our equestrian competitors reflected in entry numbers for the Royal Highland Showcase this year.

“The showcase will be a unique chance for viewers from around the world to see our top-class equestrian talent, including Scottish favourites like the Clydesdales, Highlands and Shetlands.

“The Show Jumping classes especially will be one to watch, as the excitement of the jumping rings is captured live on film for people to watch at home.

“We know it has been a long wait to get their horses and ponies back in the show rings, and are very much looking forward to seeing them back at their best after long months without shows of any kind.”