Reliable, high-performance EID tags: Working with all farmers ‘large and small’

Mullinahone Co-op has been working with the farmers of Ireland since its establishment in 1893 and it is Ireland’s number one seller of both official electronic identification (EID) and visual tags for over 25 years.

The company is committed to offering a top-class customer service to all of its tag customers. As a “farmer-owned” business, it is here to work with all farmers “large and small”.

Allflex is the world’s leader in the design, development, manufacturing and delivery of solutions for animal identification, monitoring and traceability, so it offers all Irish farmers a globally recognised tag.

The advantages to working with Mullinahone Co-op are:

  • It has a dedicated customer service team in place to work with you;
  • Its tags are competitively priced with no price increase since 2016;
  • It supplies the only ICAR-certified, secure, non reusable BVD/tissue tag on the market;
  • For this tag season, it has introduced a new user-friendly BVD tube;
  • Its staff has over 25 years’ experience in supplying official calf tags;
  • Order before December 7 and receive a complementary reusable face mask;
  • It currently has a weekly customer appreciation draw for all tag customers.

Customer service

Customer service is very important to Mullinahone Co-op and it has an experienced team of staff in place who are here to help you. Since November 2016, the company has supplied a new, improved tissue tag to its customers and it is very satisfied with how this tag has performed.

For this season, in response to customer feedback, Mullinahone Co-op has introduced a new user-friendly BVD tube.

It has also added a new feature to its online website that allows a customer to check their tag threshold/allowance prior to ordering their tags. It is the only tag supplier that currently offers this feature and this should save its customers time if they need to contact the department to increase their tag allowance.

The only ICAR approved BVD/DNA tag on the market

Mullinahone Co-op (Eurotags) offers farmers the only ICAR-certified, non-reusable BVD and genomic tissue tag on the market through the use of its closed head tag.

ICAR is the Global Standard for Livestock data: For example, ICAR approval is a prerequisite for all milk meters being used in Ireland to record milk yields and the results from an ICAR-approved meter are recognised globally.

As a long-established, farmer-owned co-op, it is important to its board that its BVD and genomic tissue tags are the only tissue tags to have been awarded the ICAR approval in Ireland and that it plays a lead role in maintaining the integrity of the country’s bovine traceability system.

EID tagging

With rumours in the media over the last few months about EID tagging becoming compulsory on Irish farms in the near future, Mullinahone Co-op is in pole position to offer farms the most reliable, high-performance EID tag on the market.

The Allfex tag offers exceptional reading functionality and has a proven track record in the Irish market. The company would suggest that any farmer looking to make the change to electronic tags should request samples from the different tag suppliers so that they can physically see the difference in Mullinahone’s electronic tag compared to the competition.

ICBF DNA pilot scheme

The Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) DNA pilot scheme has increased in numbers again this year and Mulinahone is the only supplier of a closed head, non-reusable, tamper proof BVD/DNA tissue tag in the DNA pilot scheme for both visual and EID tags.

In addition, it uses a liquid buffer for the DNA sample tube which helps to preserve the integrity of DNA sample for longer than other systems currently on the Irish market. Again, as its tagging system is fully certified by ICAR, its customers know that they are using a DNA/genomic tissue tag that meets the highest standards.

Reusable face mask and customer appreciation draw

With the coronavirus pandemic having become part of our everyday life, Mullinahone is offering its loyal customers a free reusable face mask when they order new calf tags. This offer is in place up to December 7.

As customer loyalty is important, the company is also currently running a weekly customer appreciation draw. All customers who order new calf tags are entered in a draw with a chance to win a substantial weekly prize.

This week’s prize is a battery-operated clippers which, Mullinahone feels, is relevant to farms at this time of the year and this is its way to say thanks to its customers for their loyalty.

No minimum order quantities or other conditions have been placed on these promotions as it is important to the co-op that it treats every customer equally.

New era at Mullinahone

James Manley leads the management team in its tag business, and the Cork man has been in his new role for over a year now. His approach is to focus on the end user of its tags and work with them, the team in Mullinahone and Allflex to improve both its product offering and service to its loyal customers.

He firmly believes in the importance of listening to customers. He said: “If you are experiencing any difficulties with our tags, please contact us today because at Mullinahone Co-op we are here to work with you.”

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