North’s Agriculture Minsiter to work with Dublin to forge a new relationship with Europe

Following the Brexit referendum result, the North’s Minister for Agriculture, Michelle McIlveen has said that she will be engaging with Dublin to help forge a new relationship with Europe.

Speaking at a CAFRE awards day, the Minister promised her commitment to supporting the industry following the EU referendum.

“I will be engaging with Westminster and elsewhere in the UK, as well as in Dublin and Brussels, to help forge a new relationship with Europe and to develop a support framework that meets the needs and aspirations of our agri-food sector.

“It is only right that we take our time to agree new arrangements, and in the meantime, we continue to access the CAP support regime and the EU trading opportunities on the same basis as before,” Minister McIlveen said.

She said that she is aware of the challenges caused by the impact of global market volatility, exchange rate fluctuations and international trade.

As of last Friday, we have an additional uncertainty following the referendum result and the changes – and opportunities – that this will eventually bring.

But, the Minister reiterated that she is committed to addressing all of these challenges.

“By working collectively with stakeholders, producers, suppliers, processors and retailers, we can build a dynamic and flexible industry that is well positioned in the global marketplace to capitalise on the growing demand for food worldwide and to meet both the challenges and opportunities presented by the EU exit.

“Through the Executive, I will be work to ensure a joined up approach to developing new market opportunities.”