In most marts around the country the first sale of the new year has taken place. Reports to AgriLand suggest the trade has remained steady throughout the country.

Castlerea Mart

In Castlerea mart manager Brendan Egan reported that 220 cattle on offer for the first sale for 2014 yesterday. He said: “All rings reported a steady trade with prices maintained for the quality lots.”

According to Egan: “Store heifers and quality store bullocks met the strongest demand and the weanlings also had some fancy prices paid for the quality lots.”

Sample prices:
Heifers: Lim 420kgs €1055 BB 380kgs €1000 Ch 450kgs €1050 Lim 590kgs €1500 Lim 530kgs €1250 BBX 650kgs €1480
Dry Cows: BB 720kgs €1390 Ch 660kgs €1000 Lim 580kgs €900 Lim 650kgs €1050 Ch 770kgs €1180
Cows with calves at foot made from €1215 to €1500 per head Springers made from €970 to €1400 per head
Calves: BB bull €490 AA bull €345 BB hfr €335 Fr bull €75
Bullocks: Ch 460kgs €1055 Ch 380kgs €890 Lim 500kgs €1220 Lim 595kgs €1340 Lim 550kgs €1270 Sim 370kgs €830
Weanling Bulls: BB 270kgs €840 Ch 285kgs €780 Ch 350kgs €930 BB 300kgs €865 Ch 330kgs €900
Weanling Heifers: BB 290kgs €685 Lim 285kgs €750 Lim 240kgs €685 Lim 340kgs €850 BB 410kgs €1100


Raphoe mart in Donegal also reported a steady trade. Although the fall in young bull prices in factories has impacted on prices for bulls. On the day prices for young bulls ranged from as low as €385 to €920 with the weight.

Sample prices:
Top class bulls over 600 kgs – €385 to €920 over the weight
Beef bullocks – €600 to €740 over the weight
Store bullocks – €475 to €650 over the weight
Beef heifers – €360 to €985 over the weight
Store heifers – €300 to €680 over the weight
Dry cows – €700 to €1580 each

Store cattle penned in mart. Photo O’Gorman Photography