A new addition to the Vicon rake line up for 2014 will stay below 4m during transport. According to Vicon Andex 904C Hydro offers remarkable productivity with no downtime.

The company says its new Andex 904 Hydro will go as wide as 9.00m during work with its twin rotors, and offers the flexibility to adjust the working width between 8-9m.

It says this enables varying the swath width from 1.20m up to 2.2m, providing a perfect match between field and crop conditions and the pick-up width of the loader wagon, baler or forager.

Vicon claim all main functions such as lifting and lowering of main frame and rotors are operated from the tractor cab, using an electro hydraulic control terminal.

However the key feature of the new Andex 904C Hydro is that it will stay below 4m during transport, even with all tine arms fully mounted.

Vicon says this is thanks to the hydro axles, which are a unique Vicon feature, the complete rake can be lowered hydraulically for transport, ensuring that it will go below 4m transport height.

According to the company another key benefit of the new machine is that the gravity point is moved towards the ground, and in combination with the wide track width and large 380/55-17 tires it creates excellent weight distribution and stability during transport.

It says add in the 80° turning headstock and you have a highly maneuverable machine. To ease the raking process in awkwardly shaped fields, Vicon also says the Andex 904C Hydro is standard equipped with single-side lifting of each rotor.

The company claim the Andex 904C Hydro is packed with features such as the ProLine gearbox. It says the heavy-duty ProLine gearbox is maintenance-free, and the few greasing points only need greasing every 50h or as a minimum once per season.

In addition Vicon says the inner tine arm shafts can be removed and exchanged individually, significantly reducing down time in case of damages.

It says the new cam track design has been designed to leave the crop faster and, in combination with the curved tine arms, it leaves a more uniform and regular swath. The infinitely adjustable cam track allows fine tuning to all crop conditions in order to obtain optimum raking and swath formation.

Images: Vicon UK