New job agency launched for farm managers

The Irish Farm Managers Association (IFMA) has launched a new jobs agency for Qualified Farm Managers and members.

On Thursday night, the association’s Chairman, Jerry Twomey, revealed key details of the new agency which will allow for the advertisement of positions throughout Ireland.

Having recently been granted a recruitment agency license by the Department of Enterprise and Jobs, Twomey said the new agency will allow farmers and members to advertise roles.

Speaking in the Horse and Jockey on Thursday night, the Association’s Chairman said the new agency is a rejuvenation of the agency that was in operation over 35 years ago.

A farmer will be able to give us the job specifications and we will be able to find a suitable candidate for the role, whether it is a farm labourer or manager.

“The details of the farm offering the position will not be made public and only fully paid up members will be made aware of the available roles,” he said.

Twomey also said that the organisation hopes to promote the industry in a better light and to show that there is a possibility to make more out of the industry.

Irish Farm Manager Association President, Roger Barkley, said the agency will allow employers to find suitable employees for the roles on offer.

Barkley said the new job agency will differ from current recruitment agencies, as it will fit a suitably qualified person in the role advertised.

The candidate will be tailored to fit the position advertised and the IFMA will also provide a back up service to support the employer and employee.

“The farmers that use the agency can tell us what type of candidate they require and we will not just put anybody into the job. We hope to fit qualified people into the right role,” he said.