New forage analysis service enters Irish market

Eurofins Agro has just announced it is entering the Irish market in providing feed and forage analysis to farmers.

Eurofins Agro is part of the international organisation Eurofins Scientific, which specialises in testing and laboratory services for food, agro science, environment and pharmaceutical products.

Founded in Belgium in 1987, Eurofins Scientific employs 30,000 staff in 400 laboratories across 42 countries.

It currently employs more than 300 people in Ireland with laboratories located in counties including Dublin, Clare and Waterford.

Eurofins Agro intends to support farmers, feed companies and agricultural consultants through the provision of analytical testing of forage, hay and other feedstuffs, according to the company.

It will also provide comprehensive testing of a range of other agricultural materials including: soil; compost; manure; fertiliser; water; and hydroponics solutions.

The firm claims to be set to deliver a new approach to forage analysis where it will dry and grind forage sample before scanning with near-infrared light (NIRS).

This analytical method uses near-infrared light to create a light absorption spectrum of a sample.

This spectrum can be compared with reference spectra of samples with a known composition in a NIRS-database.

Managing director from Eurofins Agro, Isobel Daley, has said: “Our recent move to bring this offering to the agri industry in Ireland is an example of Eurofins’ commitment to Ireland by expanding the range of services offered to our Irish customers.”