Pics: New tractors and upgraded round balers at Grassland & Muck UK 2017

Two new Case IH tractor models will be in action at Grassland & Muck (UK) 2017 on May 24 and 25, renewing the brand’s offering in the important 100-150hp sector. The company’s upgraded fixed and variable-chamber balers will also be demonstrated.

The latest Luxxum 120, which will be on show, has a rated power output of 117hp, while the rest of the range includes the Luxxum 100 and 110 models – with 99hp and 107hp respectively.

All use new 3.4L, 4-cylinder engines from Case IH’s partner FPT Industrial. Stage IV emissions legislation is met via patented Hi-eSCR-only exhaust treatment, while respective diesel/DEF capacities are 150/14L.


It comes with features and options normally only seen on Case IH’s larger machines, including the Multicontroller joystick, which operates key functions including gear and direction selection, linkage and spool valves.


The Multicontroller armrest also incorporates a split throttle for max/min engine speed settings, plus controls for hydraulic and transmission tuning.


A 32F/32R automatic powershift transmission, with four powershift steps and eight ranges, provides a top speed of 40kph at 1,730rpm. It also features adjustable power-shuttle response and speed selection.

An auto field mode shifts through the lower 16 speeds, while auto road mode moves the transmission through the higher 16 speeds, with each mode operated via a single press of an armrest button, or through each speed via buttons on the rear of the Multicontroller joystick. In auto mode, the driver can manually override up-shifts to prevent heavy, trailed loads from jack-knifing.

With 80mm of movement, front axle suspension damping is controlled via an accumulator and a regenerative valve system. It also provides the ability to raise or lower the tractor’s front-end, via a console-mounted switch.

14 new Maxxum models

The Maxxum 145 CVX, which will also be on show, is one of 14 different versions in the new Maxxum series. They are available as standard, Multicontroller (MC) or CVX models, with 4.5L, 4-cylinder engines spanning rated power outputs of 116-145hp (145-179hp with PTO/transport boost).

There is also a 6.7L, 6-cylinder 145/179hp alternative – namely the standard or MC Maxxum 150.


FPT Industrial NEF engines incorporate selective catalytic reduction and a diesel oxidation catalyst, with no diesel particulate filter. Upgrades include new lighting and larger 650/65 R38 rear tyre options, plus improved front axle suspension, a longer wheelbase and electronic ‘vibration suppression’ (rear 3-point linkage suspension). Colour-coded, relocated spool valves are claimed to simplify connection.


HMC II headland management improves programming while, on the Maxxum CVX, compatible implements can be ISOBUS-operated through Case IH’s AFS terminal. Where capable, implements can also control tractor functions such as forward speed and PTO speed.

Upgraded round balers

Being demonstrated behind the Luxxum will be the new 1.22m x 1.25m RB545 fixed-chamber round baler, which features a new 2.2m pick-up with 5.5mm tines on five tine bars.


A 20-knife chopper is standard, with a minimum theoretical chop length of 52mm. A hydraulic drop-floor is standard, with the option to add a rotor de-clutch system for increased protection. 10-rib chamber rollers replace the former 4-rib units. A faster-operating duckbill system wraps netting over the bale edges.


Paired with the Maxxum will be Case IH’s new RB455 variable-chamber round baler. It comes either with a 4-bar 2.05m or 5-bar 2.35m pick-up – combined with a W-configuration rotor in both Feeder and Rotor Cutter versions. It is said to provide up to 25% more capacity.

Case IH will also demonstrate its existing LB334 large square baler behind a Puma 240 tractor.