As tractor power ratings inexorably climb, there is a need to adjust our perspective on what actually constitutes a multi-purpose tractor, Case has raised the bar to 340hp.

The company has come to the conclusion that 340hp is no longer the preserve of large tillage farmers looking for tractors dedicated to cultivations, it is, the company feels, now fair game for the general purpose tractor.

Weighty matters

To this end the company has launched a new 340hp flagship model for its Optum range which maximises the Optum concept of a high power / low weight design that can be ballasted as required.

Case high power tractor
Designed with a broad variety of tasks in mind adaptability is the keyword.

Despite a number of improvements, this latest tractor, the Optum 340 CVXDrive is no heavier than the existing 300 and 270 models, but it does provide more power, productivity and the ability to handle a wide range of tasks.

Case suggests that the Optum 340 CVXDrive is ideal for high draft and PTO (power take-off) applications, whether they be tillage or grassland orientated with transport also being recognised as a regular task to which it is well suited.

Power for all seasons

This new model has, the company believes, one of the quietest cabs on the market and is well equipped with digital features, including five years AFS Connect advanced telematics.

Case Optum tractor
Kitted out with all the latest technology, the Optum 340 is said to be ideally suited to tillage

The Optum 340 is targeted firmly at large farmers and agricultural contracting businesses which require a tractor with a high power-to-weight ratio giving it the versatility to take on a wide range of tasks.

Power comes courtesy of a 6.7L Stage V FPT engine which incorporates the Hi-eSCR2 emissions reduction system.

Also included is Case’s Automatic Productivity Management (APM) feature which optimises the CVXDrive ratio and engine speed to suit power output requirements.

Revised drive for Optum 340

Case IH has equipped the Optum 340 CVXDrive with an upgraded CVXDrive transmission which incorporates improvements to the hydrostatic unit and control software, driveline components, rear differential and rear PTO.

Transport 340
Transport is an important function for many tractors and the Optum 340 is said to be equally at home on the road

The company has embraced the concept Tractor Implement Management (TIM), which allows certified implements to automatically control specific tractor functions.

Although not fitted as standard, the software can be upgraded to accommodate this feature.

The rear linkage can lift 11,058kg while the front linkage has a maximum capacity of 6,016kg. The two-speed front and four-speed rear PTOs are in line with this being a multi-purpose tractor.

Peace and quiet in the cab

The cab is said to be one of the quietest available at 66dB(A). It has good all-round visibility and comes with a keyless ignition fob along with an automotive standard of interior trim.

Optum 340 cab
The cab is finished to automotive standards

The new AFS Vision Pro operating system is said to enable precision farming functionality, tractor systems and connectivity to match the required operating preferences.

The Optum 340 CVXDrive will be seen in public at various shows across Europe over the summer and autumn.