Moy Park to process one million turkeys for the festive season

Moy Park, which is one of Europe’s leading poultry producers, is set to process almost one million turkeys at its Ballymena site in Co. Antrim this year.

Enough turkeys will be processed at the Ballymena site to feed approximately six million people, according to Northern Ireland’s largest food producer.

Working closely with over 130 turkey farmers from across Northern Ireland, Moy Park will produce over 60 different turkey products.

Moy Park has been able to increase production at the Ballymena site in the past few years, the company’s Director of Business in Ballymena, Justin Coleman, said.

We are very proud of our fresh turkey offering and it’s incredible to think that our products will add to the festivities and merriment in millions of homes this Christmas.

“Thanks to the dedication of our local farmers and the commitment of our team members at our Ballymena site, we are able to fulfil and build upon the seasonal demand for high quality turkey each year.”

The poultry producing company’s processing facility in Ballymena is the only specialist turkey production plant in Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, Moy Park has 12 other processing and manufacturing units in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, England, France, and the Netherlands.

The company has the capacity to process 240m birds annually, in addition to producing around 200,000t of food/year.

Its product portfolio is comprised of a variety of fresh meats, ready-to-eat meals, pre-cooked meals, breaded and frozen foods, vegetarian foods and desserts.

Moy Park claims to have 35m chickens on the ground at any given time and supplies 25% of the total western European chicken parent market while working with 800 poultry farmers.

The company was originally founded in 1943 in Moygashel, a small village in Co. Tyrone, with egg production being it’s primary focus in the beginning.