Modern features and a personalised service from Pearson Milking Technology mean that Loughlin Ryan, a dairy farmer from Co. Tipperary, has time for activities outside of farming while ensuring optimal animal health and production on farm.

As a new entrant into dairy farming, Loughlin farms with his parents, Pa and Ann, in Upperchurch, Co. Tipperary. Originally a beef and suckler enterprise, the family converted to dairy farming in 2021.

A graduate of Agricultural Science from Waterford IT, Loughlin spent two years working with an agribusiness off-farm. Visiting farms was a key part of the job, which Loughlin said gave him great insight into what he wanted on his own family farm.

Pearson Milking Technology worked closely with Loughlin and distributor Hackett Dairy Services to design and install a bespoke 2ft, 6in, 14-unit parlour with space for expansion up to 20 units on a greenfield site. 

Martin from the Pearson Milking Technology’s team visited the farm at the beginning to go through a step-by-step process of what suited best and what was needed in the parlour.

Loughlin praised Pearson Milking Technology’s service. “From the beginning we were very happy with Pearson’s service,” he said.

The parlour

This led on to Michael Hackett of Hackett Dairy Services and the Pearson team fitting the parlour.

14-unit parlour

Loughlin went with the express fit service that Pearson provides. The parlour was made in the Pearson factory, arrived on a lorry to the farm and was up and running within a week after being fitted by the team from Pearson and Hackett.

Being new entrants into dairy, the Ryans wanted a modern parlour to make life easier on everyone.

Features of the parlour include:

  • P100 touch pad;
  • Automatic cluster removers (ACRs);
  • Dumpline;
  • Cluster Flush;
  • Mangers with bully bars and airgates front and back.

These modern features mean there is “still time for after-work activities” Loughlin said

As a player and active member of the local GAA club, not being stuck in the parlour for too long is a key advantage of a Pearson parlour in Loughlin’s eyes.


Loughlin said the features of the new 14-unit parlour have important advantages for animal health, as well as making life easier on the farm.

The cluster flush system means that the cluster is flushed out after each cow. This is very important for cow health and keeping somatic cell count (SCC) under control, especially with the reduction of antibiotics coming down the line.

“The dumpline in springtime is very handy,” said Loughlin.

“There could be three or four cows out of the tank that have been using antibiotics in the previous drying off period, they may have to stay out for four to six milkings.

“The dumpline goes straight into the milk cart and the waste milk is waiting after milking for feeding to calves.”

The P100 touchpad allows the control of everything from the pit. The front and back gates can be controlled with the touch of a button, batch feeding left and right and pressing ‘R’ for reject links to the dumpline.

It also allows a farmer to give an individual cow extra feed.

“Every farmer knows their 20-25 best cows from the milk recordings, so you can reward those cows with an extra half kilo of feed and you will get it back in the tank,” Loughlin said.

Finally, Loughlin commented on the personal service Pearson’s provide.

“Pearson is only a phone call away at any time if there’s something you’re unsure of or want help with,” he said.

“To be honest, to date I am very happy with the whole thing.”

The full advisory service is particularly beneficial to new entrants at Pearson Milking Technology. From idea stage right through to the first milking and beyond, the company is on hand to support farmers who install a Pearson Milking Technology parlour. 

If you are hoping to install a new milking parlour on your dairy farm, contact Pearson Milking Technology on; 059 86 31842.

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