Mixing beet and maize in the pit is getting popular in Co. Cork. JB O’Donovan delivers, chops and mixes beet with maize as it goes into the silage pit.

Farmers are happy with the result, which is a well-preserved face on the pit. This makes it easier to open and close when needed.

“We mix it in the pit when it’s delivered. We deliver a nice bit of beet to people who have their own maize. We co-ordinate with them.

When they’re cutting the maize we deliver on those days. They’d put it all into the pit the one day and they’re finished with it then.

“Some farmers want the crown of the beet in the pit as well. We can take or leave the crown when we’re harvesting,” O’Donovan said.

O’Donovan has been doing this for a number of years.

“We’ve been doing this for about seven years. Farmers are finding the feed is way ahead of other forage options. If it wasn’t up to scratch, they wouldn’t stay doing it.

When you mix the beet with the maize it preserves a lot better and it holds perfectly at the face of the pit, which suits a lot of farmers who are opening and closing the pit.

O’Donovan agricultural contractors are based in Carrigtohill, Co. Cork but work all around Co. Cork.

“We sow maize and beet; look after the crops during the year; and we harvest then as well.”

O’Donovan is waiting patiently to harvest at the minute and he predicts it will be a good one.

Crops are very good. We’ve cut nothing yet, but crops look outstanding. We will probably be harvesting beet in a few days time. The maize is about a week off.

“Magnum and Enermax are the most popular beet varieties that we sowed this year. We’ve a bit of Gerty as well,” he added.